i’ve lost it…

it seems my blog mojo has packed it’s bags and left.  in the middle of the night.  leaving behind nothing, not even a dear john monica letter.  i’ve had things i was gonna blog about recently.  like…

  • the youth retreat c15 went on with our church.  the one where the youth shared resort space with the katoeys who were there for their own retreat.  i was certain i could make a post out of that one.
  • and i was so sure i could create a post about the drop off situation at the kids’ school that i made a diagram.


there’s plenty to talk about with that diagram – other than how it looks like a woman’s reproductive system, sort of.  like how the roads are so narrow it’s tight for 2 cars to get down them, but then people park on both sides making it a one lane road.  and how it seems if you’re kid goes to the prince royal’s college there’s no set drop off point so you can just stop any where you feel like it.  for as long as necessary.  while the rest of us just wait.  and then there’s the motorcycles that weave in and out of this traffic.  some with 4 people on them.  and i used to complain about the drop off situation at our last school.

  • i was also certain i might be able to manage a post about the spirit houses in our neighborhood.  there are lots of them.  and i don’t even notice them anymore.  so the other morning i set out to take pictures of the ones i passed between my house and the closest wawee.  there were lots.
  • and i had a wawee coffee picture post.  and how the baristas seem to have gotten all free spirited in their art work.   i’m just hoping it’s not an excuse to skimp on the caramel.


  • then there was the pumpkin pie from a kid watching gig.  easiest kid watching ever.  two kids the same age as my youngest two.  i fed them pizza.  and read a book.  and they brought me a pie.  and i took the picture because i was certain it would find it’s way onto my blog.


but when i sat down to actually write any of the above posts, i came up empty.  i’m hoping that getting all of this randomness down will help kickstart something.  because there’s stuff coming up.  like the end of the school year.  and summer break.  michael’s going to uganda.  c15 & i and our india trip.  and america’s coming fast.

6 thoughts on “i’ve lost it…

  1. It sounds like real life is just interfering a bit. That’s all right, real life’s more fun anyway. Have fun, we’ll be here when you’re “back”.

  2. glad to hear other people are busy this time as well! we missed you and are glad you are back!

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