the countdowns have begun

if you ask my children any of the following questions they can give you an answer.

  • how many days until summer break?
  • how many of those are actual school days?
  • how many days until mom and c15 head to india?
  • how many days until dad, a14 & s9 arrive in the states?
  • how many days until c15 and mom get there, too?
  • how many days will we stay in the states?

no need to find a calendar and look up days and start counting.  they have tickers running in their heads.  and for those of you who are like me and don’t have head tickers, here are the answers.

37 days until summer break

23 of those days are actual school days

58 days until c15 and i will be in india

66 days from now michael, a12 and s9 will land in america

71 days until c15 and i join them

30 how many days we will actually spend in the states.  this number is not mentioned by anyone.  it seems so small.  such a short time.  so much to do and fit in.

3 or more the number of times each day that at least one of the countdowns above is mentioned.

and now i have new numbers to think about.  these numbers scare me.  just thinking about our flights from the u.s. to here causes me to almost hyperventilate.  and getting our actual flights and being able to do the math and figure out how long we’ll be in the air and how long we’ll be in airports has got me searching for paperbags to pack in my carry on.  here’s how the numbers work out.

22 that’s how many hours c15 and i will spend in the air between india and america.

21 is the number of hours the two of us will spend in different airports waiting for flights.

yep, we’re in spend almost as much time standing still as we do flying.  i’m thankful i only have to do this with the oldest.  i’m not sure how it would go with all three.  or rather, i’m pretty sure and just don’t want to think about it.

the flights for michael, a12 and s9 look much nicer

19 the hours they should be in the air

4.5 the hours they are scheduled to spend waiting on their next flight.

that seems much more doable for the little guys.  and they are in the air less time because c15 and i start our journey to america in india.

4 thoughts on “the countdowns have begun

  1. Wow! Those are some incredible numbers. We’re at the countdown for school, but we still have much longer than you.

    The flights and the wait times will not be fun, but what a wonderful thing to look forward to once you’re here. Thirty days? May not seem long, but it’s a long, long time to be unsettled. What an exciting time you have coming up.

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