i can’t stop thinking/talking about our (c14 & my) upcoming trip to india.  i’m so excited – and somewhat apprehensive – and it seems so close, but so far away.  june 25 we’ll board a plane with 16 others and i have no idea at all just what to expect.  but, today’s post isn’t about me.  it’s about a handful of other bloggers who are traveling to calcutta/kolcata to visit compassion projects and share their journey.  you can read their updates on the compassion india trip page. or you can read it on their personal blogs…

their fearless leaders are

you can also find them on facebook and twitter – hashtag #compassionindia.

take time.  read their stories.  and pray for them.  for the projects they will visit.  and for the families these bloggers have left behind.  and if you think you can – sponsor a child.  because that’s really what this is all about.

2 thoughts on “india

  1. I’m sure it will be extremely eye-opening. I’ll look forward to hearing how you see it, when I read blogs from around the world, I realize how happily sheltered I am here.

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