today we songkran!

as soon as michael told me he was going to be out of town for all of songkran i started to dread it. that meant i would have to escort the kids out and about all on my lonesome. and i didn’t want to. i was coming up with any and all excuses not to have to go. like today we were going to make deviled eggs. i was certain that the kids would find that to be a suitable diversion. and they did. they were all for making deviled eggs and completely distracted from the water fun to be had.

but then the c15 and his friends decided to make a day of songkranning.  and it was my job to get c15 to the meeting place that was only about a 10 minute drive from the house.  it took me an hour to get him there and to return back home.  traffic was horrible, water being tossed everywhere, roads backed up – or just flat out closed down to try to help control traffic.  and it looked so much fun.  and that’s how we ended up soaked today.  soaked and exhausted.

last year – yep, it’s another annual celebration that we’ve now taken part in twice – we took far more pictures.  we had two cameras and felt brave.  of course, we michael drowned one of our his cameras and it had to be replaced.  and just over a week ago i killed my camera.  i know, we thought it had been resusitated, but it breathed it’s last breath while we were at flight of the gibbons.  so i was uber protective of our only working camera – that would be the one we replaced after songkran last year.  so here are the few pictures i managed to take.  i think you still get the idea.  if only i could have gotten one of the kids being doused in ice water.  that would be worth a thousand words.  or at least a silent scream.


the crowd at thapae gate.  you can’t see it, but there’s actually a game of musical chairs going on in that mess.


walking home.  a breather between dousings.


everyone has a role to play.


and an awful picture of me.  i’d almost dried off on the way home…  and then the neighbors got me

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