hoppin’ down the bunny trail…

today was our second easter egg hunt here in thailand.  i think it’s pretty impressive that we’re starting to repeat annual activities – makes me feel like one of the old timers.  sort of.  okay, not really.  but this year i was wiser.  the hunt was held at the same venue as last year – the abbots’ house.  last year i thought abbot was a title.  see, the pastor of our church is british.  and i, being not british, but knowing just enough british phraseology to be dangerous recognized abbot as a term for some kind of religious leader in england.  so, i assumed that the house belonged to the abbot of our church.  i should have thought, but now know, that the house belongs to the family abbot.  it’s their surname.  not a title.  silly me.  anyway…

the biggest difference between this year and last year is that last year i went as a basic unknown nobody.  it was just something for our family to do, a way to maybe meet some people, make some friends.  this year i was in charge of the hunt and the kids story.  so, i was up early to boil eggs.  100 of them.  and because i’m the best delegater ever – or maybe because michael recognized how badly in need of help i was – he prepared the story/activity for the kids.  a rousing game of easter bingo.  and it was a huge success.  no surprises there.

so eggs were hunted and colored.  activities participated in.  donuts and fruit eaten.  coffee, tea and water drunk.  and no complaints were heard…  or at least noone complained to me.

easter-22 easter-7

easter-4 easter-20

easter-30 easter-12


6 thoughts on “hoppin’ down the bunny trail…

  1. look at you heading stuff up! are you crazy you know once you say yes they keep asking again and again! anyway looks like lots of fun. What kind of Easter Dinner are you guys having over there?

    • we’re sadly not having easter dinner. michael’s headed to the philippines today and our camping trip that was supposed to start today (for the kids and me) isn’t happening so we’re left with no plans… time to get busy planning, i guess!!

    • yeah, we’re out to hunt something down right now. our search could be a bit frustrated by the fact that all the places the kids want to go are near the moat. and i’m afraid there could be songkranning going on there today! (water throwing, it’s that time of year again)

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