flight of the gibbons

we saw no gibbons.  not one.  but if we had, i don’t think they could possibly have flown as well as we did.  we were awesome.

started out bright and early.  we met the bus at 6:30am for our one hour drive up really steep and really windy and really bumpy roads.  we sat in the very, very, very back of the bus.  and bounced and winded and rocked and swayed until a12 said, “i think i’m going to be sick.”  and she was.  and maybe two milliseconds later the driver said,  “we’re here.”  and we were.

first job – signing waivers.  then we were off to get harnessed up.

img_6106 img_6125 img_6120 img_6112

then a quick trip by van (a few of us started turning green at the mention of getting back in the van) and we were ready to go.

we had an introductory talk/safety lecture from one of the spotters.  the only one who’s name i cannot remember.


one of the things he explained to us was the brake system for zip lines.  it’s very, um, low tech.  but it did seem to work, when we could actually remember to use it.


bamboo brakes.

and then we were ready for our first zip line.  i have to do a little bragging on my kids here – they deserve it.  we’d spent quite a bit of time talking to and at the kids about how expensive this little outing is and how very, very nice it was of grandad and nanny to pay for it and how once we signed up and paid the money there would be no. backing. out.  and i fully expected to have to push at least one kid off a platform.  maybe all the platforms.  but other than a few nervous jitters and the initial “i don’t want to go first, you do it, so we can see if you survive” moment they were totally psyched and all systems go!  not one time did anyone mention being scared or not wanting to go or even needing a few moments to gather their strength.  nope, they were amazing!

img_6130 img_6131

as we progressed through the ziplines they held onto their harnesses much, much looser and their smiles became much, much broader.

after the first zip line s9 became adamant that he go first.  always.  he finally acquiesced to letting the spotter go ahead of him.  but he really did not want to.

img_5547 img_55491

next was the first sky bridge.  i’ve got no problem admitting it was a little bit unsettling.  i might have been the only one who felt that way, but i didn’t let it show!


then we really started flying – the confidence was building so the whole gripping the harness thing became unnecessary.

img_6181 img_6185 img_6183

img_6184 img_6182

a few times we were lowered from one platform to another so we could continue our journey.

img_6194 img_6191

img_6189 img_6186


and we even zipped in tandem once.  but since there are 5 of us, one had to go it alone.

img_6168 img_6169

a12 & s9 applying their brakes.  c15 & i almost mastered the brakes, almost.

it ended well before we wanted it to be over, but we were ready to get out of those harnesses.  two hours is along time to be so bound up.


thanks nanny and grandad!

we took many, many more pictures.  if you want to see them head on over to my flickr page.

11 thoughts on “flight of the gibbons

  1. What an amazingly cool experience! Wow! I loved the pics and I so wish we were leaving Bangkok to experience the more authentic Thailand. (Or at least what I view as authentic!) We leave next week and can’t wait!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • i’ve only been to the airport in bkk, never the city itself. but i hear there are must do thailand experiences to be had there – if you have time for that sort of thing. praying the excitement settles, or at least hiatuses, while you’re there!!

  2. Grand dad and I are so happy that everyone had a wonderful experience. Thanks for the story and the wonderful pictures. We’re glad everyone was brave – would have hated to hear that you had to push anyone. Love, Mom

  3. Not a chance. I looks way to high and way too fast. Of course, I was the kid who was scared half out of my mind on the Judge Roy Scream. But it looks like y’all had fun, so that’s all that mattered!

  4. looks like fun! billy wants us to do something similar in hawaii not sure he also wants to do hanggliding not sure of that either. i am a big chicken but now that your 9 year old has done it i look pretty foolish if I dont!

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