the big catch up post

lately it seems every single post i’ve written has either been about a12 or the awful air here.  and today’s is no different.  it’s all a12.  or at least mostly.  i promise to get a post in about the boys next week sometime.  (probably later in the week since i’m heading out tomorrow morning for a 3 day field trip with a12’s class – which i would say probably guarantees at least one or more a12 posts to come.)

friday night was the india dinner fundraiser for the short term mission trip c14 and i are going on in july.  we had fantastic curry, daal, naan and what might just be the best ever homemade chai tea.   there was a bit of indian dancing teaching and some henna painting.  it was a huge success and wonderful to see so many people turn out to support the youth team from our church!

    indiansupper2   img_5312

saturday morning we (i mean a12 and myself) were up early and out the door to her first soccer game of the season.  she hasn’t played in quite awhile and there has only been one practice because of the yucky air quality – i was a little worried.  honestly, my big hope was that the other team didn’t score against her – she plays defender.  and they didn’t.  it was a tie game – 1 to 1.

img_5314   img_5313

saturday afternoon s9, a12 and i went to the mall (c14 was at a study session).  we saw khon kluay 2 – the new thai animated movie.  and we also saw this –


i’m not exactly sure what it was, but it sure made me wanna buy a washing machine or airconditioner or maybe a tv…

and finally, today was the elementary talents show at school.  a12 played her harp.  she did a fantastic job. 


i found myself a little distracted during most of the 2 1/2 hour show.  there were signage issues. and i just wanted to fix it.


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