color me green

i wouldn’t mind a blizzard right about now. they’re having one in colorado springs.

picture shamelessly stolen from dave’s facebook. thanks dave.

10 thoughts on “color me green

  1. With the weather forecast in Thailand at extremely hot for the next 5 days, I can understand! I am looking forward to some warm weather but that might be a little too warm for me. lol


  2. I’m just over the mountains in Salt Lake…I can’t take any more of the 60 degree weekends followed by a week-long blizzard. I’m envious of you as you pad around in flip flops.

  3. you know, I miss the fancy coffee pictures that would match up with a big snowstorm out there! unfortunately, I believe the stuff falling from the sky there is not cold and refreshing. my friend Shay is in Beijing (remember Shay, the guy at the next table at Geeks?) – he says the count over there is even worse than yours!! But he’s only there six weeks. I believe next he’s going to visit Hugo Chavez (well, not literally, but he’s going to Argentina). Glenn’s going to Ixtapa. I can’t even get a Saturday off :p

    • it wouldn’t surprise me if beijing is worse. ugh, i can’t imagine!!

      you could always dress like you’re headed to ixtapa when you go into work the next saturday. they might give you some time off. 😉

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