but i found him

for the very first time i lost a kid at the mall.  he went to the bathroom and i went and sat almost exactly where i said i’d be – i couldn’t wait exactly where i said i’d be because that spot was taken.  when he finished up with what he had to do he came looking for me.  but really, that’s an exaggeration, because what he did was glance over to see if i was where i said i would be and then he went into panic mode.  if he’d actually walked down to see if i was where i said i’d be he would have seen i was pretty darn close to there and that there was no need for alarm.

alarm in this case meant alerting a kindly westerner (not sure where she was from, but certain she was european.  almost certain, at least.)  and having that kind lady escort him to the information desk where they started making announcements.  the announcements went something like this, “attention, attention, …mumble mumble mumbler odd mic sounds… please come to the 3rd floor information desk.”  after the second announcement i got up and went to the bathroom.  and waited until i was most certain there were no longer any men in the men’s restroom.  once i just knew the coast was clear i stuck my head in and called out S9’s name.  right as a gentlemen turned around at the urinal to see what the crazy lady was doing. (guess i shouldn’t have been so sure of the coast being clear.)  about this time they make the third announcement and i now suspected that it’s me they wanted at the information desk.  i made my way there and found a somewhat upset S9.

but he was immediately cheered by my tale of sticking my head in the restroom only to have it not be empty.

2 thoughts on “but i found him

  1. Great!!! That could rival anything Lucille Ball did. Very funny. Glad S9 was cheered by your search. Love, Mom

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