more on the sucky air

wind or rain.  we could use either or both.

i’ve been sick the past few days, a stomach bug yesterday, but today i think it was bad air related.  the air quality index for today was reported to be 231.9. and that led to the school cancelling  all outdoor sports – games and practices – for the rest of the week and through the weekend.  they’ll reevaluate come monday.  but i can’t imagine it improving between now and then.  the burning in the area is out of control.  not out of control like a wildfire, but out of control like the burn ban isn’t enforced.

they – those in the know – say it will get better when the rains start.  but i’m pretty sure we’re a few weeks – maybe 6, maybe more – away from that.

2 thoughts on “more on the sucky air

  1. Was it like this last year? So sorry. You don’t have central A/C there, do you? No way to keep the indoor air clean? That really stinks. Hope it clears up sooner rather than later.

    • no, it wasn’t this bad last year and it didn’t start this early. but two years ago it was even worse. they actually canceled school for several days. no, there’s not getting away from it, unless you go to the mall or something…

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