you know it’s bad when the kids at school are wearing face masks

the air quality has gotten no better. i’m pretty sure there is no room for oxygen with all the polution that’s floating around.  my eyes are burning, my chest feels mucho heavy and it smells a bit unpleasant (the air, not my chest).  not passing gas unpleasant, more burning trash unpleasant.    the temps have been in the mid 90’s all week – not the promised 107, but still, warm enough.  and today i woke up with whatever stomach bug a12 had the other night.  i think it has mostly passed, so tomorrow should be better.

and making matters so much worse – i’ve got no house help this week.  which means i’m doing the laundry, the dishes, the wet mopping, the toilets.  all of it, i’m doing all of it.  or at least i should be.

10 thoughts on “you know it’s bad when the kids at school are wearing face masks

    • i know, i know… and i’m horribly disappointed in myself for being so very dependent on her. i mean there was a time, not so very long ago, when i did do it all. not very well, but it got done! ‘)

  1. So, what happened to your help? I’m with Mom24, I’ve not help this week or next or the next, either (that actually goes on forever).

  2. Hope she returns soon. Your dad didn’t know if “oh, poor monica” or “oh, poor jem” was appropriate.

    • both are appropriate… “oh, poor jim” because her emergency is serious (her sister’s 28 yr old husband died suddenly) and because I’m not great with the household chores, so while it’s been kept up, it’s not been kept up quite to her standards. and “oh, poor monica” because, well, just because it makes me feel better.

  3. I know when my housekeeper misses a few weeks it takes her lots of extra time because I do a bad job. Howev er I wish she came everyday and did laundry she only does baths and dusting stuff. Sorry to hear about the air I am sure it is miserable

  4. oops! that reminds me, I gotta go check the dryer! Hya monica. As I often tell myself, you can only hold yer breath for so long. (grin)

    • and then you just learn to breath really, really shallow breaths. because it makes me feel like it’s an improvement. i think maybe i’ll just start cutting off the filters from cigarettes and start sucking air through those!!

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