you know, for the ladies

yesterday michael and i were at a boots pharmacy picking up his blood pressure medication. while waiting another gentleman guy walks in and sort of butts in line in front of us to ask the cashier a question.

wanna know what’s so important that you have to cut in front of someone already in the process of making a purchase?  turns out this guy had been to hospital recently and they had the coolest thing there and he was hoping that the pharmacy might carry it.  it’s a blood test strip.  it tests for h.i.v.  he thought it might come in handy for on the spot testing of the ladies.  very convenient he said.  a few drops of blood and you’re good to go he said.  no really, he said that.  the cashier – who was looking quite uncomfortable and unsure – didn’t know if they had them and told the guy the pharmacist would be in at 1 (about 2 hours later).  the guy said he’d be back to talk the pharmacist because it would be just too convenient to have those strips.  you know, for the ladies.

i wish i’d had my camera with me.  i would have loved to have gotten his picture to post on my blog.  you know, for the ladies.

14 thoughts on “you know, for the ladies

  1. WOW! Well, I hope he gets his money’s worth, ya know, from the ladies! And if they don’t have HIV/AIDS, you KNOW they’ve most likely got some other STD that he’s not testing for.

  2. Maybe a sketch drawing…for the ladies? It would have almost been worth going back for a picture.

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