pizza topping

Michael was home on Saturday. but just until Sunday. and with such a quick turnaround he wanted to squeeze in as much time with family as possible, which meant multi-tasking. he took S9 with him when he went to get a haircut. they were gonna eat and see a movie and fit the haircut in somehow. the only kink in the plan was dropping C14 off on the other side of town for a birthday party.

they successfully dropped him off, but got to the mall a little late. so S9 was put in charge of ordering pizza and waiting for it to come while Michael got his hair cut. by the time Michael made it back to S9 he’d already eaten just over 2 pieces of pizza. he told Michael that he hadn’t finished the first slice he’d started because while chewing he’d noticed a bit of a crunch. and upon investigation discovered the crunch was a bug. his pizza topping of choice was cheese – hold the bugs. and while that did stop him from eating that particular piece, it didn’t keep him from the other two slices he chowed down.

for some reason no one – meaning Michael – saw fit to report the infestation to the pizza place, but they did think it wise to bring home the left overs. however, the rest of the family was pretty much put off even thinking of trying any of it.

10 thoughts on “pizza topping

  1. eww! that we turn me off of pizza for good! although I havent had any since August and I dont miss it!

  2. EEEWWW~ Ok, that just made me increase the amount of weight we figure we will drop while in Thailand picking up our son!! Between what we might eat (or not eat!) and walking everywhere, it will hopefully be good! Of course, the heat and humidity will make us swell so much, it might not matter!! I agree with the commenter–BOYS!

    LOL, Megan

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