math my way

***word problem #1***

this morning the sky was gray.  or really, more of a funny putty color.  and no mountain could be seen.  the air quality here is horrid right now.  today, the pcd reading for chiang mai was 138.2.  thailand says any reading above 120 is hazardous.  and 138.2 is greater than 120, so that must mean it’s bad.  and it seems there’s some global discrepancy in how hazardous is defined – the US and the UK say anything above 50 is hazardous.

add the icky air to the forecast.  the one where they say it’s gonna get up to 42 – that’s 107 for those of us who prefer fahrenheit – and it seems the perfect formula for a hot mess.  where hot mess equals misery.

***word problem #4***

when michael started his job we were led to believe (because they told us) that he would be required to travel approximately 1/3 of the time.  where “of the time” equals working days.  so far this year he’s traveled 47 days.  and so far this year there have been 45 – or so – work days.  and no matter how hard I try, or what fuzzy math I use, I can not make 47/45 equal 1/3.  and if we look forward to next week, he’ll be gone 6 out of 5 work days.  hmmm….

oh, wait.  i think i see the problem in my equation.  i’ve never learned to solve for approximately.

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