finding focus

A12 has been complaining for weeks months about not being able to see the white board at school.  how it’s been giving her headaches and how no matter where she sits in the class room it doesn’t improve.  she’s sat at the front and she’s sat at the back.  she’s sat in the middle and when all the desks were arranged in a horseshoe she sat in the center.  and still the complaining.  but I haven’t really taken her seriously.  thought perhaps she was exaggerating.  I remember being about her age and desperately wanting braces so I would wear straightened out paper clips on my teeth.  (I know I’m not the only one who’s ever done this.)  I sort of thought the whole I can’t see thing was just because she really, really wanted glasses.  besides, it wasn’t so long ago that we went to the eye doctor and she’d told us that glasses were probably in A12’s future, but at least a year out.  I mean that was one of the things I did in our mad rush to prepare for this move.  and when I thought about that I realized that we have been here over a year.  which means that whole about a year out thing is right now.  so today, A12 and I headed out to the eye doctor’s.  it’s not the kind of thing you need an appointment for here.  you just walk in and tell them you wan to see the and if there’s nothing else going on the eye doctor sees you immediately.  he had all the cool high tech eye checking out stuff and in no time said, “oh, she needs to wear glass now.”

turned loose on her own she picked out these very cool blue – her favorite color – frames.  wish I could show you a picture, but my camera battery died a few weeks ago and I can’t find my charger.  and even if I could find the charger – I can no longer find the camera.  so no photographic evidence  of how cute she looks  and how happy being able to see makes her.  at least not for now.

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