tying up loose ends

the house – we talked to the wife of the owner (whose baby is due today)  she said the house isn’t for sale.  she’s been nothing but lovely and honest with us, so we’re choosing to believe her.  no other noise has been made about it – no other realtors, etc.  i wonder how soon we can start talking lease extension?  

what am I going to do with myself for a week 10 days this summer?  go to India!  turns out I get to go along as a chaperone with the youth.  I’m very, very excited about it.  

and remember how I was all disappointed about not even having the opportunity to chaperon s9’s overnight field trip to the lahu village?  well, the same is not true for A12’s 3 day field trip to Khun Tan.  I get to go!  I was really worried that I wouldn’t.  I have none of the redeemable qualities that they were looking for in a chaperon.  no survival skills, no bird watching skills, I can’t identify poisonous plants or snakes.  but turns out I have the right attitude.  and I haven’t told them yet, but I can tie a knot.  bonus.

oh, and then there was the post about the dog murdering the hamster.  turns out undying love for a hamster is revivable and transferable.  to the next cutest hamster ever that comes along.  licorice has been replaced with caramel’0.  sounds just as tasty.  but maybe not to dogs.  perhaps she’ll stay in her cage.

so, that leaves the dates for our trip to the states unknown – we won’t know actual dates until we’re able to book flights, but we’ve got a very good estimation, so good it’s almost precise. and the only other unknown I can think of right now… the where and the when and the what of my next tattoo.

16 thoughts on “tying up loose ends

  1. Very good news about the house…and India…and the field trip. Good news about the hamster too, I guess. I’m afraid I’m a little over the cute little rodent phase. 🙂

    We watched a very interesting special on the Food Network over the weekend. It was hosted by Jeff Corwin and it was all about the cuisine of Thailand. Now my kids want to know if you eat hornets nests and live shrimp and ant larvae. Just sayin’. 😉

    I’m really happy for you that your plans for your state’s vacation are coming together. Very exciting!

  2. Hi! I wanted to say hello. I have been following your blog for awhile, I enjoy reading and seeing about Thailand. We are waiting for our 3rd child, a son, to come home from Thailand. We should be able to go and get him soon! We can’t wait to see Thailand. I enjoy your posts/stories! Thanks for sharing!


  3. love the new look! sounds like the chance of a lifetime going to india I only get to go to El paso on our Mission Trip!

  4. I like your new blog layout. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in India! Did you see Slumdog Millionaire?

  5. no. hamster love is no longer tranferable. carmello or whatever is mean. she bites. i have to wear a sock just to get her out of her cage.

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