hey – I have a blog??

turns out I haven’t got much to say.  shocking, I know. 

well… there was Thai day at the kids school.

all three kids performed with their classes.  a12 was less than happy about her costume.  and the costume for S9, well, it was just nuts.  white satin pants for 9 & 10 year old boys?  C14 and the other high schoolers managed to pull off the hippy look.  and it turns out that kindergarteners and 1st graders can look hootchie. very, very hootchie.  i’ve got no pictures of the kinders & firsts.  you just have to trust me.  I’m talking hip shaking, bootie waving, pulp fiction dancing hootchie.

wondering what else I’ve been doing with myself?  FaceBook.  I admit it.  they’ve got games.  it’s addicting.  maybe I should find games for my blog.

4 thoughts on “hey – I have a blog??

  1. Of course you know I love facebook…I’ve been ignoring my blog too. Bad bloggers were are…bad, bad bloggers.

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