how not to inform your renters…

this afternoon waan was outside going nuts.  so I took a peek oustide.  and there was a large group (2 cars and maybe 10 people) parked outside my house.  looking over the fence and pointing and talking.  after about 5 minutes I go out to see what’s going on.

turns out our homeowner has decided to sell the house we’re living in. 

I know.  it could take forever for it to sell.  especially right now.  because  as it’s heating up outside, the house is an oven.  I would hope imagine that’s a deterent.  and houses seem to sit forever on the market here.  and maybe, if it does sell, the owners will be thrilled to have renters already in it.

13 thoughts on “how not to inform your renters…

  1. Let’s see, the place you are renting is being sold and y’all are about to come back to the states. Now, I’m not a big believer in “signs” but…(grin)

  2. Bummer. You just got there. They say, everything happens for a reason…maybe this is a blessing?

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