the internet is not a safe place

every where I look there are posts and articles and tweets and FB status updates about lost. and the office.  and I cannot watch lost here. or the office.  once the season is over I’ll be able to get both shows on DVD, but until then I’m trying my hardest to avoid any and all tidbits of info that might tell me anything.  it would be very helpful if everyone would please just stop writing about them.

but I can watch reality tv.  on youtube.  it’s great.  10 minutes at a time.  I was tickled pink to find hell’s kitchen and top chef.  and then I found survivor and the amazing race.  the amazing race makes me cry.  almost every show whenever the first couple crosses the mat, i find myself all emotional.  but last night (that’s when I watched it.  I don’t know when it originally aired) the deaf guy, well, that’s all I’m going to say.  because there might be some people out there who don’t want to know.

13 thoughts on “the internet is not a safe place

  1. You should buy lost on iTunes. It’s $2 an episode or you can buy the whole season. That’s what I do and it works great. Just make sure you mark in your iTunes program that you’re from the US and not Thailand, and make sure you’re buying standard definition and not HD.

    i’ll give that a try… i’ve got to download iTunes on my computer again…

  2. oh! i was on surfthechannel and i watched the an episode of the office. so there, ha!

    nanny nanny boo boo to you!

  3. Good luck! I love Top Chef. I’ve never watched the Office and Lost, so you’re safe with me. 🙂

    Top Chef is fantastic!! I manage to stay pretty current on that one!

  4. Wow. You really need to avoid the youtube the Office videos I put on the bottom of my posts, like, a lot. Haven’t I done Lost yet? Hmm…(grin)

    i’m very diligent about staying away from anything Office or Lost or House related. I wouldn’t touch a post titled “I Got Lost in our House In The Office” I might run screaming from the computer.

  5. Must resist temptation. (grin)
    Although from your latest post, it sounds like you’re living a version of that title.

  6. smartypants kid! 😉 anyway, our big downfall in trivia is TV. which means you need to keep up on shows and perhaps give us synopses once in a while!

    So, you should keep up somehow, come back sometimes, or assign Jill to your specific areas of expertise!! I didn’t get TV reception on a good day before HD, so I’m utterly hopeless now. Glenn could fill in – he has an actual job at home but still could TiVO things. And, he’s fairly techy.

    BTW, our team is now two teams – the west-side Bingo (at McCabe’s, the one you played on), and the new east-side version that starts and ends slightly earlier, one whole day later, but who’s quizmaster gives hints!! damn him :p Glenn’s on both teams. Otherwise, we’re pretty much separate, I think.

    Let us know when you are coming home, Chica!!!!!!!!!


  7. Life without Lost? Gasp!

    As I just watched the most recent one last night, I have to taunt you…It just keeps getting better and better.

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