a week to fill up

this summer when we head to the states we’ll be doing it in two shifts.  Michael, A12 & s9 will be headed there about 1 week to 10 days before C14 and me.  C14 is headed to India for a mission trip.  we had an informational meeting about it yesterday and it sounds like it could be life changing.  they’ll be working in soup kitchens, in slums, with aids patients, lepers and orphans.  it’s really hard for me to get my mind around the fact that we’re sending our soon to be 15 year old to India.  I think about what I was doing at 15 and get a little jealous.  but the thing is…  Michael, A12 and S9 will be in America.  C14 will be in India.  and where will I be?

I was thinkin’ I would just stay home.  but Michael says I should do something, go somewhere.  and I’m beginning to think I might.  but where?  what?  Nepal, Mongolia, India?  Any suggestions.  and remember, I’ll be on my own.  which doesn’t really scare me, but it is a bit intimidating.

11 thoughts on “a week to fill up

  1. I vote for a spa retreat in a foreign country. All three of the listed ones sound awsome!

    a spa retreat… hmmm. that could be lovely.

  2. India! I vote India! What? I’ve always wanted to go to to there, as Tina Fey would say. (grin)

    I am leaning pretty heavily towards India… I’ve heard everyone should go there – that it’s life changing.

  3. Go to the beach or come to Korea as a supporter, cosmetic advisor with me and the choir 🙂

    cosmetic advisor? ha ha ha… I think I would do rather poorly at that job! 😀

  4. I know that wherever you go you will have fun but I have a more pressing observation…what’s with all the CAPITAL letters?!?!?!?!

    My vote is India…unless you can get in at a great resort somewhere…then I vote for that!

    my budget does not equal resort, unfortunately!! I don’t know. I can’t seem to control the capital letters.

  5. Nepal was one of the best places I went. Ever. Come to the Middle East! You could go to Jordan and see Petra, go to the Red Sea, and do a lovely spa at the Dead Sea. Or Israel… 🙂

  6. Go to Nepal! My friend, Janice, will be new there, so you could meet her!

    I would love to go to Nepal. I might end up joining Chan for the last 6 or so days of the trip. so I’m looking for something for the first 6 days.

  7. I would vote for anywhere other than India. You want to change your life? Find some other way.

    My vote….. Kuala Lumpur. One of the best places I have visited and it is close to you!!!!

    it’s lookin’ like it’s gonna be India. and I’m very excited… I think it will be good. besides, if Chan can do it, so can I!

  8. Oh, Monica, I’ve been waiting for some kind of info that perhaps you met that NZ family on their way through town or something.. they’ve already scouted the area before and after Chiang Mai not in your country… does anything sound interesting? Geez they go everywhere with 8 kids !! Maybe something like that?
    If not, I really want to do this, if you want to come:
    It’s not historical, christian, or enlightening, but it’d be a blast…


    • I emailed the family before they came to Chiang Mai, but didn’t hear back 😦 I can’t imagine doing that with my 3 kids, much less 8!! it’s pretty amazing. I’m loving following them.

      the stilleto spy school sounds way cool. i can see you in your heels with your gun at the ready… it would be a blast.

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