I didn’t think she’d be found… wish I’d been right

last night, a12 came down the stairs with her hamster cage.  her empty hamster cage.  it shouldn’t have been empty.  there should have been a very cute, wee hamster in it.  named licorice.  but…  well, there wasn’t.

much time was spent hunting.  and crying.  and hunting some more.  my final solution was to put food out and see if she reappeared when she got hungry and then she would be captured and placed back into her cozy hamster cage.

that’s not what happened.  it seems she managed to wander down stairs.  where she was found.  alive and well.  except, she was found by the dog.  and she is no longer alive and well.  and adding insult to injury the dog seems to think that where there is one hamster there must be more.  he’s trying his hardest to find another.  in the house.


9 thoughts on “I didn’t think she’d be found… wish I’d been right

  1. So sorry. I’m sure you don’t even want to see the dog right now. We always found mine in the sump pump. Not good.

    yeah, he’s on the naughty list right now.

  2. Bye, bye doggy. Have a nice life out on “the farm.”

    but that’s where the hamster is!

  3. waan’s a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad dog.
    and how do u know he killed licorice? maybe she was already dead.

    you run with that idea, sweetie… and, yes, he is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad dog

  4. u only put five bads but there r sposed to b seven.

    i know, i was saving the other two. i’m certain I’ll need them in the future

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  6. On the bright side, he probably just thought that it was a rat and was trying to save the family. At least that’s what I told myself when one of my dogs took out a squirrel.

    I hope that your daughter has recovered. That can be quite traumatic!

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