I think I’ll be ready

our home leave is coming up.  only 5 months away. and while 5 months isn’t quite the same as tomorrow it will still be here before we know it.  and – until today – every time I’ve thought about returning to the states I’ve had a near panic attack.  the memory of our trip here hasn’t become funny, yet.  I sort of thought it would have by now, but nope, still quite scarring.  and because of that I’ve really had no desire to board a plane to fly for hours and hours and hours.  and I was sort of thinking I might never, ever fly across the ocean again.  but this afternoon, while talking to a friend about our impending trip, I realized I’m excited about it.  and it’s not just seeing friends and family that I’m looking forward to.  I’ve started a little list, that I will continue to add to, of things I miss.

here’s the list…  (people not included)

  • knowing, without a doubt, that public restrooms are not squatty potties
  • being fairly confident that there will be toilet paper available in at least one stall in a public restroom
  • being able to flush toilet paper
  • channel surfing
  • drinking tap water
  • hot water in the kitchen
  • Panera
  • bagels
  • tacos from Jack in the Box (what?)
  • diet cherry limeades from Sonic
  • drive thru windows
  • Chipotle
  • Target

maybe I’ll move this to my sidebar.  wonder how long it can get.

6 thoughts on “I think I’ll be ready

  1. not chick-fil-a?! looking forward to knowing where you will be and when!!!! i’ll send you an actual email!

    chick-fil-a, consider it added!

  2. Hey lovely, Are you saying you developed a fear of flying from the trip out there? That happened to Andy when he spent a year or so in Korea. I read that stress (like culture shock) partnered with flying can embed a phobia in people. But there’s hope! He read a short book called “Flying without Fear” by Duane Brown and it changed our lives.

    If you WEREN’T saying that you developed a fear of flying, then . . . oh good. 🙂 xoxx

    I don’t think it’s a fear of flying, it’s just that the trip here was so stressful and I’ve got no desire to repeat it. I don’t mind the flying itself, it’s the other things that can happen…

  3. i think alot of us are wondering what your schedule will be! i imagine that is alot of the panic attack feeling you are having with so many people wantng to see you! the weeks will fly by!

    i refuse to let myself become panicked over who and how we’ll see everyone. it’s really just the getting there that’s gets me.

  4. I think the sidebar is a terrific idea. I’m going to be contemplating not being able to flush toilet paper for a long, long time. 😉

    yeah, it makes for good times having to train kids not to do it, too!

  5. My husband and I are both from California, land o’ Jack in the Box tacos. Here in Utah, nary a Jack in the Box. Our closest one is Pocatello, ID…a two hour drive away. We have made that drive just for the tacos so we totally get your desire!

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