facebook IS the greatest thing ever

so, I’ve got a sick kid.  s9 – he’s puking.  I hate puking.  it’s Michael’s job to handle the puking.  but he can’t, because he’s not here.  he’s in America with that new iPod touch he accidentally bought.  he’s bringing me a bicycle helmet and some fritos.  seems fair.  anyway, this isn’t about that.  it’s about facebook.  and how it’s wonderful.

back to the puking kid.  I was doing my facebook status update, because I know how important it is that I keep all my peeps updated about every little thing that’s going on in my life.  here it is.


*yes, that is a screen shot.  I’m tellin’ ya – I’m a computer ninja.*

and not 5 minutes later this is what I see.  and it made me smile.


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