the secrets they keep

yesterday, we went to tweechol botanical gardens. I only discovered them yesterday morning and since they are so are very close to us and the kids had a day off from school and it was my mom’s last full day here, I thought we should go. we rented bicycles and rode through the park.  we had a picnic.  we paddled the paddle boats across the lake/pond.  it was a lovely afternoon.  I wish we had known about it before my dad went home.  it would have been a great place to take him.

guess what?  as it turns out, some of us did know about it.  2 of my children have been to it.  a1412 (of course I meant a12) for a birthday party and s9 on a field trip.  looks like there is still some training to be done.

5 thoughts on “the secrets they keep

  1. Looks and sounds like my kinda place. I wish it were warm enough for picnics!

    the kids are already asking when we’re going back!

  2. Wow!! very cool Pictures. Very apt place for picnic , As I see the pictures I wish to make a visit along with my family and enjoy these beautiful secen in live.

    thanks. it could have been a better picnic had I packed one and we not had to rely on the snack shop. but we will go again and do it right!

  3. I’m so jealous of all the green in Thailand. I wonder if there are botanical gardens in Baku….checking now.

    oh, but the cost of all this green is no cold weather to speak of. and it is hot season and they are saying we’ll see 43…

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