Chiang Mai flower festival parade

this morning my mom and I got up bright and early to go see the flower festival parade.  we had heard it started at 8a or at 3p.  we figured there was no way to know for sure so we might as well plan on both.  turns out there was a way to know for sure – we could here the warm up festivities from our house.

it was a great parade.  done just a little differently than other parades I’ve been to.  for instance, the parade route?  well, they had specific roads to go down, but that didn’t mean other people couldn’t be on them.  not cars or motorcycles, but people seeking photo ops with every single float that came by.  and they stopped the parade for it – every time – which made for a very long parade.

so what do they have at a flower festival parade in Thailand?

well, floats made of flowers, of course. 


there were really good high school marching bands




loads of pretty girls and boys

imgp0349 imgp0345 

imgp0353  imgp0445

imgp04501  imgp0550

kids – participants and spectators

imgp0462  imgp0574

imgp0346  imgp0427

and those that are no longer kids

imgp0393  imgp0536

imgp0506  imgp0483

the last ones through?  the clean up crew.



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