yesterday, I hit her with my car


really, I tapped her, hit is way too violent of a word.  besides, it was an accident.  and today she looks like this.


but that’s not because she was injured. that’s because she ate way too much at the lovely, lovely brunch. here’s a better picture of her, prenap, but still post indulging.  also, post car tapping.


6 thoughts on “yesterday, I hit her with my car

  1. I am beginning to think this traveling business is very risky business for these 2 parental units! First your dad and now your mom. . . what next? No more motorbikes and now no more cars. Are those yuk-yuks (isn’t that what you call the carriages?) safe?

    Hope everyone stays on vertical!

    I love yuk-yuks. if only they called them that, it’s so much better. but instead they’ve gone with tuk tuks. and so far everyone is upright!!

  2. This is not a great trip for your family and motorized vehicles. Glad it was just a tap.

    tap might even be too strong of a word. maybe more of a brush. at least that will be my story.

  3. This is pretty well typical for anytime mon’s parental units visit her…and yet they always manage to make it back to the promised land relatively intact!

    yes. they should at least arrive home in a condition they can recover from. 😉

  4. Well, she may call it a tap. But I assured her it would have been better to just kill me than injure my new knee. We are recovering – at least I am. Dad thinks he has denge fever or malaria – probably a kidney stone. His plane ride should be interesting on Thursday.

    or maybe a urinary tract infection… he made it home.

  5. My goodness! No wonder your parents don’t visit more often…or were they just showing out so you’d have plenty to blog about?

    I think they were just showing out… they’re handy that way.

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