of basketball, cruise ships, pony & carriages and ruins…

yesterday was the end of the season basketball tournament for the U11 teams.  our boys’ team was huge.  so big it was hard to give all the boys playing time.  so for the tournament they divided into two teams.  the a team and the b team.  S9 was on the b team.  the first game was a nail biter.  they lost by 1 point.  the second game?  not so much a nail biter, but we don’t have to talk about it.  it really isn’t important.  what is important?  well, for the first time this season S9 enjoyed playing.  for two reasons.  1) he got to lots of play time and 2) with out the super competitive guys on the team the pressure was off so he wasn’t as worried.  and the super competitive a team went on to win the whole shebang.  the girls won, too. 


 imgp0110 imgp0104

in the top picture S9 is taking part in his first ever tip off.  the other guy is a bit taller than him.  but you can see in the bottom left picture that S9 didn’t let that stop him. 


today my parents and I did the touristy thing.  we went on the Wiang Kum Kan River Cruise.  it’s a 20 minute boat ride down the Mae Ping River. 

img_5119  img_5111

img_5128  img_5130

then we rode in a carriage pulled by a very hard working pony.  very hard working.  and from the look of it, my mom really enjoyed it.


 img_5151  img_5137

a stop at the Wiang Kum Kan Museum and Information Centre to look around and try to take in a bit of information.  but you have to be fast – you’re only allotted 5 – 10  minutes here.  then back into the carriage and off to see the first ruin.  the Ku Par Dom Temple. 


we made pretty good time there and were then carriaged around to 4 more in pretty fast order.

Pu Pia Temple


Wat Nan Chang




Phra That Khao


at the last ruin, Kuu Kham Temple, we stopped and spent a little more time.  but still not enough to read all the history and such.

img_5157  img_5160

and then we were back in the carriage and off to the pier to sample some local fruits (watermelon and pineapple) and herb juice (tamarind, lemongrass and one other).


then back aboard the “spacious new and comfortable teak-fitted cruise ship” for the 20 minute return trip to where we started.


4 thoughts on “of basketball, cruise ships, pony & carriages and ruins…

  1. It looks like you’re having fun. Boy that kid was tall!!!

    yes, we are having a good time. and that boy was very tall. there were two on the team that height. S9 is the tallest on our team…

  2. Hey there!

    Was thinking of your this morning and just wanted to say hi! I’m glad S9 enjoyed his BB…Whit will start VB through parks and rec very soon…those river cruise pics look amazing!! Glad you get to be with your parents, too.

    I’d be lying if I said I’m not glad all the sports are over for now. Games and practices will wear a person out. Aly will start football (soccer) in March, but until then we’ve got only harp going on!!

    hope Whit enjoys VB – I played and loved it.

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