we thought the car was broken but it wasn’t. and we saw pretty flowers.

yesterday we went to the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden.  and I drove.  which I hate to do.  because I hate driving our car.  and when we got there and parked my mom noticed gobs and gobs, I mean like gallons and gallons liters and liters of water coming out from under the car.  it hasn’t been that long ago since we replaced the radiator.  so we checked under the hood and sure enough it was water.  coming out of the overflow thingy.  nothing we could really do until the car cooled down so we started walking and looking.  and I started trying to recall where the nearest place was to push the car down the side of the mountain.

the gardens are lovely.  we may have seen about 1/2 of them.  maybe, but I doubt it.  we might have seen more had we not been on foot, but you do what you gotta do.

that last picture is where my dad found a plant that really appreciated his singing.  it danced.  of course, that doesn’t really show up so well in a still photo.  or sound the same.

after we’d walked for a really, really long time we headed back to the car. and when we checked it turned out their was nothing wrong with the radiator. the water overfill thingy had been overfilled and that’s what was boiling out. thank goodness.  because we can’t afford to replace a car that accidentally rolls down a mountain.

2 thoughts on “we thought the car was broken but it wasn’t. and we saw pretty flowers.

  1. So glad the car was OK. The gardens look beautiful. How much longer are your parents there? It looks like you’re having fun.

    me, too. it made me ill thinking something was wrong! we are having a great time. my dad leaves feb.4 and my mom on the ninth.

  2. Oh yes, Willis would love to see these gardens!

    i know just where to find them… 😉

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