we need your help

please help us settle this.  i know there might be more pressing things going on in the world today.  but trust me,  this ranks right up there.

and if you happen to be a friend of my parents or if you happen to be a male please leave a comment.  that would be most helpful.  anyone else feel free to leave a comment, too.  thank you.

10 thoughts on “we need your help

  1. Do you know of the fable ‘The boy who cried wolf’?

    i do. do you know of the fable “the princess and the pea”?

  2. Sorry, it doesn’t matter how much you need the storage container. You can’t combine things in this way. It’s just wrong.

    I’m not supposed to tell my true feelings on this one, might ruin the scientific validity of the survey or whatever… but I might need to call on you to give your opinion in a much more scientific, geneticist type way. it could involve pontificating…

  3. If it was in the freezer the scents might not combine, but in the fridge or on the counter… they for sure will.

    Either way, how can you store them? They would be GONE at my house.

    it was the last cookie and the last two pieces of fudge!! and they wereon the counter – at room temp. which is somewhere in the high 80’s right now.

  4. Leave Dad alone, hasn’t he been through enough?

    how do you know which opinion is dad’s??

  5. …licks the crumbs off his fingers and says “what cookies?”

    the ones that tasted suspiciously like butterscotch! and you aren’t helping any. the wrong party in our family happens to think that they wouldn’t have lasted long enough to comingle…

  6. I think I’d still like the cookies, but I don’t think I’d care much for the fudge if it tasted like chocolate chips…I’d be willing to try though, in the name of science of course.

    of course. you are such an inspiration. so willing to sacrifice!

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