we haven’t disappeared


we’ve just been keeping busy doin’ more not much.  well, it hasn’t all been not much, but it is hard to top a motorcycle wreck and a broken clavical. 

Saturday was the rugby tournament.  our school is what you might call the underdogs.  this is our first year to offer rugby and for many, or possibly most, or – even more probably – all but 1, it was the first time to play rugby. 

 img_50161  img_50212

Saturday night we went to dinner at the Antique House.  it’s an old teak building (like 100 years old) that’s now a National Heritage Site.  Dinner was lovely.  some of us were much more interested than others. 



I have no idea what he said, but it must have been good. 
or shocking.  or good and shocking!


we’ve had a little wii fit action.



the queen of the wii fit yoga. we’ve all given up trying to beat her.

Sunday we did more not much.  then we went to church.  followed by dinner at walking street – where you can have a little bit of everything if you’re willing to fight the crowds.


and just to make my mom feel better I’m posting this totally posed for picture. if you look closely you can even see that I’m smiling. and that’s not having a nice dream smiling. that’s humoring mom smiling.

4 thoughts on “we haven’t disappeared

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  2. It looks like a lot of fun nonetheless. Hope your Dad’s feeling better.

    it has been fun. I just feel like we should be doing big things… I think they’re pretty happy.

  3. You didn’t get blocked in again with the car! That’s improvement. I love that story!

    yes, that is a huge improvement. but we did walk by the exact spot. it made me smile.

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