he survived

my dad had such success the other day with the motorbike that he decided to give it another go.  this time he rented a not automatic bike.

he headed out on the same route as before, but was hoping to have more time to stop and look around.  he did leave plenty early.  and he did make some pretty good progress.  all the way to Doi Pui, which I think is basically the summit of Doi Suthep.  he ventured into the national park up there.  which he says was lovely.  and that we should take the whole family.  and then he headed back down with plans to stop by the winter palace and Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.  but he got a little derailed.  had a bit of a slip.  or a skid.  or in some other vernacular it might also be called a wreck.  which gave him the priveledge of experiencing just how lovely the Thai people can be.  many people stopped to check on him.  and one couple* loaded up the motorcycle and him into their truck and brought him down the mountain.  they called us to let us know what was going on and that we could meet them at the zoo. 

and it took us a little longer to get to the zoo than expected.  Chiang Mai University was having graduation services today so we got hung up in traffic.  and while we were hung up we got several urgent phone calls from the folks helping my dad telling us we needed to hurry.  get there fast.  like right now!  or faster.  once we arrived we easily found my dad and his entourage of very concerned helpers.  made arrangements for them to carry the motorcycle to the hospital we were headed to and they helped us make arrangements with the rental place to get the motorcycle picked up.   


**(not pictured are all the wonderful people who had gathered to help.  I’m thinking of firing the photographer.  I mean maybe I could understand managing to take a picture minus the 6 or so people who were helping.  but to miss all those people and manage to catch such an awful shot of me…  that seems unforgivable.)**

pretty quickly we were headed to the hospital – making slow progress.  the graduation and all it entailed were still going on.  I dropped my parents off at the emergency room and located the couple who were carting the motorcycle in the back of their truck and got it dropped off and picked up by the motorcycle rental place. 


I reunited with my parents in the emergency room.  my dad had x-rays taken and then taken again.  his abrasions were cleaned up.  lots of bandages were placed. the splint for his broken clavicle was put on.  medications were prescribed.  and then he was discharged.   amd while the pain is plenty, we’re thankful that he wasn’t hurt worse.  and he now has quite the story to tell!




*the couple who helped were more than amazing.   they were headed the other way when they stopped to help and gave up several hours of their day for a stranger.

6 thoughts on “he survived

  1. I’m so glad there are truly good people in this world. Hope your Dad is on the mend soon. Motorcycles scare the crud out of me.

    they scare me, too. he seems to be doing well, just quite a bit of pain. but he doesn’t let that get him down. he’s out and about now.

  2. WOW!!! Sorry to hear about this Dad!! I hope your feeling ok and that this doesn’t ruin your vacation.

    You know, I hate to be the one to say I told you so, but I seem to remember a little scooter we had for a day or two when we lived on 7th street. I think Mom had to sell it because of your recklessness. Like I’ve always said, “Motorcycles are deathtraps!”


    I know how much you hate to be the one to say that! 😉 and mom did say he’ll never be able to live this one down with you!

  3. Oh poorpoorpoor dad…the wreck and the told-you-so-ing going on!

    only one member of our family is told-you-so-ing. and it’s only because of deep seated something or others over the lack of a motorbike when he was a nothing-can-hurt-me teenager!!

  4. wow ! it is good to know people are so nice! hope your dad feels better and is able to get out and about again!

    oh, there’s really no stopping him. he was out today!

  5. Well, your brother sort of says it all, *smartass*. Monica, do you now have five kids???? At least your mom is a good nap girl. The real kids are in school… guess I know who you have to babysit!! I hope your dad is just like he looks (and your bro reports) and he’ll be back to adventuring in no time! I just can’t believe he wiped out. I am no longer afraid of Thailand!!! 🙂

    you’ve met my brother? well, seeing as how Michael’s now back in town it might be closer to 6!! 😉

  6. Yes, but did you get him a “I visited my daughter in Thailand, and all I got was this broken clavicle” t-shirt? I use to have a moped. I distinctly remember my first kissing the hood of the car that just turned in front of me while I was NOT parked moment. (grin)

    ooh… I could have that shirt made for him. he did say today that if his clavicle would heal before he went back he would have to rent another motorbike!!

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