busy doing nothing

we haven’t done much sight seeing, yet.  we’ve been busy with the kids and everyday things.  but I do think that makes for some interesting sight seeing on its own.  but what I really mean is that I haven’t led any sight seeing expeditions, yet…

my dad has been somewhat crazy brave.  Sunday he and C14 went for a walk, you know, the kind you take on foot.  they returned from their walk on motorbike.  which made it no longer a walk.  my dad rented it for 24 hours.  we’d never even looked into renting one before.  silly us.  it cost about $6.00 US a day to rent an automatic and about $4.50 US a day to rent the other kind.  and on Monday he rode it to do some sight seeing on his own.  he went up to Doi Suthep and looked around.  stopped at a few of the waterfalls and – from what it sounds like – had  a pretty good time.

we do have some sight seeing on the schedule.  it’s just figuring out when we can fit it in.

2 thoughts on “busy doing nothing

  1. I was a bit concerned that your dad might get lost but sounds like he is doing fabulously!

    as long as he has his trusty map he’s good. think Dora, but not exactly.

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