teacher appreciation day

celebrating teacher appreciation day – Thai style. actually, not exactly Thai style – if it were true Thai style our school would have been closed like the Thai schools were. 

this was taken from our school newsletter.

…our students were given the opportunity to express their appreciation for their teachers in an assembly in the CMIS auditorium. Students appreciate their teachers, who share knowledge, wisdom, encouragement, and an example for successful living. Teachers are recognized for their hard work, perseverance, and continuing efforts to meet the educational objectives set for their students. As a tribute, teachers were presented with the traditional items to express Teacher Appreciation, the eggplant flower, yaa praek, and the needle flower. The eggplant flower symbolizes gentleness and humility, the yaa praek symbolizes endurance, and the needle flower symbolizes the “sharpness of knowledge” which characterizes every teacher.

what this doesn’t tell you is how the teachers were presented with the traditional items.  the teachers were lined up on the stage and the students crossed the stage on their knees.  stopping to give their teacher a gift and then bowing to honor the teacher.

2 thoughts on “teacher appreciation day

  1. That’s really funny to this stupid American. Thanks for sharing, I love learning the different customs around the world. Maybe someday I will be more than a stupid American! lol.

    I was so glad they did this. any and all exposure to the Thai culture is wonderful for them.

  2. wow sounds different as a teacher myself a note of appreciation would have worked not so sure about the bowing

    we saw a similar ceremony last year at the Compassion LDP graduation. It was very moving.

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