birthday party – better late than never

A12’s birthday fell on the last day of school before Christmas break.  seems like a wonderful day to have a birthday party.  but really, it’s a wonderful day to plan to move.  birthday party, schmirthday party.  instead we had it yesterday.  the day report cards came out.  a much better choice for a party, I think.

but it’s okay, because good things happen when your mom feels guilty about not being able to have a birthday party on your actual birthday that falls on a very good day to have a birthday party.  like your mom makes her very first ever cake from scratch.  icing, too. 


and it was awesome.  and that’s a direct quote from one all of the party attenders.


let’s not forget the presents. 


really, I’m only including this picture so people can see that my dad is still alive. my mom is, too. which might be to the contrary of emails she’s been sending to her friends that go something like, “she’s trying to kill us.”

3 thoughts on “birthday party – better late than never

  1. I’ve often felt that Mommy guilt makes for awesome birthday parties. Personal experience here too. Glad it was a fun time.

    yes, but luckily they don’t play the mommy guilt card!! it’s just me. and I do know that’s silly.

  2. lots of boys in those pictures are preteen days here!

    yes, yes they are. and I’m scared!! and that would be 4 boys and 2 girls.

  3. oh i wish i could buy the icing and chocate filling here and not have to make it.. my cakes tend to be quiet dry haha

    the cake was good, if I do say so myself. but buying icing would be lovely!

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