it’s been a year!

a year ago today I wrote the following two posts.  I don’t think I had any idea how well we would do here.  how good this move would be for us.  I think the biggest surprise for me this year has been the kids.  I had no idea how much this would require of them and how brave they could be!  they are amazing.

a very quick update…

we are in bangkok. at least the kids and i are. bh has just left for singapore. the rest of us are waiting to get to chiang mai, because of our delay we have to fly standby. we will know in the next few moments whether or not we will make this flight. if not, there are others today. right now we’re cranky, tired, smelly and really just ready to be done. one day this will be the funniest of stories.

we’re here

we made it.  we’re tired.  and when the day comes that we can tell this story as the funniest story ever i’ll be sure to include the part where half the luggage doesn’t get here.  because what could be funnier than two stinky boys with no clean clothes.

4 thoughts on “it’s been a year!

  1. Wow! Congrats. I bet you’ve seen a lot of growth in all of you over the last year. Hope it’s feeling a bit like home–at least when you’re all together.

    it has been amazing. and it does feel like home, or at least home-ish now!

  2. Oh wow I can’t believe a year, it has gone so quick well for us!
    Congrats you have made it and have done a great job you are amazing!

    it is amazing all that can happen in just one year, isn’t it??

  3. Ok no pics of your dad sleeping I feel cheated!

    I’m gonna try to get one or two, it’s not so easy. seems he was warned.

  4. That’s awesome. The visitor map on your sidebar is really impressive too. People love to read about what you are doing. I think we just find it amazing!
    Have fun with your parents.

    thanks angie. we’re trying to schedule in lots of fun, with a good smattering of down time!

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