a little exposure

today my parents and I took a walk down to Thapae gate.  We stopped and ate lunch and looked in some of the shops.  eventually, my mom and I caught a tuk tuk to the kids’ school so we could walk them home from school.  we left my dad at Thapae gate.  he had plans to get a hair cut and then would make his way back on his own.  as we were walking home from school, our mâe bâan’s husband stopped to offer us a ride.  and we took it.  and that’s how 7 of us ended up riding home on a mordtersai (motorcycle).  it did have a side cart.  and we have no picture.  my favorite part?  after we were all situated and on the way home my mom says, “Monica, do you know this guy?”

and my dad made it home. with a haircut.  not a bad outing.

3 thoughts on “a little exposure

  1. I had visions of an all out search for your dad…he really is on his best behavior this time!

    I did, too!! of course, right now he’s out on his own again. so there’s still time!

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