all present & accounted for

except Michael. he’s accounted for, but not present – he’s in Manila.

we picked up my dad this morning. his flight was delayed. so we did what we always do when we have to wait for a delayed flight.


yep, those are waffles.  eating waffles is what we always do.  at least the kids always do.  C14’s waffle hasn’t made it off of the waffle cooker, yet.  but he got one, too.

once the plane landed we all started scouting the crowd for my dad.  and we spotted him.


and just as quickly we lost him.


but wait, we didn’t lose him…  it seems he was trying to lose us.


and he tried hard…


apparently he thought that by removing his shoes and socks before he came out of baggage claim he could either completely fool us or cause us to deny we knew him and then he would be able to make a clean get away.

(I would have had a much better picture to insert there, but the family member (name withheld) who appointed himself picture taker was busy taking 800 pictures of this.


i’m certain he’ll be glad he took them.)

once we’d all regrouped we headed home.


once home, we put the kids off as long as possible with the Christmas present opening.  and after it seemed it had been a decent time we opened presents

img_4976 img_4972


and all was good with the world.

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