they say you never forget…

and while that seems too be true, I don’t remember bike riding hurting quite so much – or at all. but man, does it.

in my research I’ve came across many references to sore butt syndrome and I feel better knowing it’s an actual syndrome – even if it’s a made up one and only diagnosed by other delicate bottomed pansy cyclists.

my research also brought me to this bicycle seat. wonder if it works? and how silly you look? and if all the other bike riders here would point and laugh? cuz I most definately would if I were them.


4 thoughts on “they say you never forget…

  1. This is why you should only buy a bike with a big old seat like recumbent exercise bikes have…you don’t get saddle sores that way…but you should feel better in about a week if you ride a bit each day…

    or I’ll get calluses. which is okay if it stops hurting!

  2. I know! Why do they make bike seats so uncomfortable? My butt always hurts after riding my bike.

    great question!!

  3. I totally bought my own version of a pansy seat for my bike. I had NO IDEA my butt would hurt so bad after riding for FOUR HOURS one day. Ouch. The next day I jumped on my bike, screamed and then fell over. I am not kidding. Anyways, I ride on a nice big gel seat now.

    I’ll have to look into one of those!

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