it’s okay, she won’t remember *edited because I’m a goober*

that’s a really funny post title.  you’ll see.


wanna know what’s even funnier than the title to this post?  the recipe I linked you to?  it’s not the right one.  ha ha ha.  the right one is bacalhau com natas which translates to cod fish casserole.  it’s a very similar recipe title.  right?  which makes it a mistake anyone could make.  even if they didn’t catch the error after actually reading the recipe post again after linking to it.  right?


i’ve been on this planning what I’m gonna cook and actually cooking it kick lately.  (2 days counts as a kick, right?)  and on the menu for last night was bacalhau a gomes de sa bacalhau com natas.  which i found over at Sandra’s site.  the translated name is cod fish gomes de sa style cod fish casserole – i understand cod fish and style and my limited Spanish abilities give me some familiarity with “de”.  one might think that with cod fish in the title it would be uber-important to use cod fish.  but the recipe says that you can substitute some other kind of fish for cod.  which I did.  I have nothing against cod, but I couldn’t find it.  I could only find one fish that I thought might be suitable.  and by suitable I mean skinless and headless and already gutted.  and not salmon.

so what did I use?


and she was tasty.

3 thoughts on “it’s okay, she won’t remember *edited because I’m a goober*

  1. LOL! At least she was tasty. So funny. I’m glad your kids are older, if mine knew that…it would be bad. 🙂

    yes, it’s nice that they’re old enough to not be scarred. and young enough to think that my saying, “it’s okay, she won’t remember” with every bite is funny. or maybe they’re just old enough to know it’s best to laugh!

  2. ohhhh noooo, poor dory!

    i know. very sad. i do feel slightly bad. especially since dory and I are sisters in the whole forgetting thing!

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