have you noticed the countdown

going on in my sidebar? 

we’re now down to 4 days until my mom gets here. (my dad gets here in 5.)  and she’s bringing with her cheeze whiz and instant pudding and most importantly bras. which has had me humming this tune almost constantly for days now.

6 thoughts on “have you noticed the countdown

  1. Wow, that has come around fast! Hope you all have a magical time!

    hasn’t it! it will be magical!

  2. It’s right around the corner. I hope you have a great time. I know you will. 🙂

    New bras are one of life’s not so simple pleasures, especially new bras that fit!

    i’m getting ready to be so happy even if they are just new bras that fit better!!

  3. Bras were the first thing I got in America too. They don’t sell my kind in Sweden!

    I think I could make them here. given the right amount of desperation… like coconut bras. with bungee cords. hmmm…

  4. Bummer, the video has been removed…what’s the song?
    Is that Bette Midler?

    yeah, it’s Bette. it’s the song from beaches. the “Otto Titslinger inventer and kraut, had nothing to get very worked up about…” song.

  5. I had to break down and go out and buy some new support for the girls this week…it’s funny the things that come up that make me think of you and miss you!

    I know… and still I’ve never found the perfect bra I just know will always work!! miss you, too!

  6. I LOVE it. I always think of the ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ when i look for bras…. one of my favorites.

    I commonly think of that one, too… but I might take a picture and show my new 50’s pin up/rocket launcher appearance I have going on!! 😀

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