2009 – The Year of the Mom

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Kristen said so and I’m pretty sure that makes it official.  and I’m pretty sure this is my year – seeing as I am a mom and all.  oh, and I have a mom, too.

Our first task (I’m not sure it’s actually been assigned as a task or if other tasks will follow, but it seems very Charlie’s Angels to have tasks and that makes me feel special) during the year of the mom?  Share how we’re going to make ourselves a priority. So here goes…

During the year of the mom I’m gonna get a massage at least 3 times a month – I’m hoping for 4, but I don’t want to make that official or anything.  I’m also going to try to quit thinking that our move and adjustments are really no big deal – I think this one maybe a little too late, because I’m pretty sure that one year into a move you should be settled.  And the last thing I’m going to officially commit to do is not stress over making everyone happy when we make our trip back to the states this summer.  It’s supposed to be a vacation for us and I think those are supposed to be enjoyed.

Another important thing to know about this whole year of the mom thing and putting yourself first is that you could win a prize! (i’m not so sure if I can win not living in the US and all, but maybe it makes a difference that I’m going to be in the states this summer…)

Write a post on your blog about how you’re going to take better care of yourself in 2009, place the button (see below up top – courtesy of Heather) in your sidebar (as a reminder and invitation to other moms), and send me Kristen your url

– motherhood uncensored

Contest ends January 31, 2009, Midnight EST.

6 thoughts on “2009 – The Year of the Mom

  1. I love it! Year of the mom hmmmm that gives me a lot to think about and 1 year into a move to another country NO you don’t have to be settled yet! Happy new year!

    go moms!! I think that’s like the official chant!! I actually have no idea wether or not we should be settled, it just feels like whinging to go on about it – though… but guess that would fall into the not cutting slack category!

  2. Great, great post. I think maybe it’s a bad thing that I have no idea when I could find the time to write a post about how I’m going to take better care of myself. Hmmm, I think maybe I need to work on this whole “year of the Mom” thing. Thanks for challenging me to do that.

    I’m going to hole you to your very wise thoughts about your vacation. There’s no way you can see everyone, do everything, make everyone happy when you’re here next summer. You will only make everyone miserable if you try. Do what works for you, and only you. The people who truly care about you will definitely understand.

    the vacation one is the most important I think. I’m pretty sure I could make myself – and everyone around me – crazy trying to fit it all in. Prioritizing will be key! and feel free to call me on it when I forget my commitment! 😀

  3. Good for you for daring to take a little time for yourself. TAhat massage goals sounds really nice. I especially think you should remember that you’re on vacation and shouldn’t have to worry about making everyone happy… although that’s something I too struggle with. Best of luck in the new year.

    thanks for stopping by abby jess!! and I’m one that has had to learn to like a massage, but I have gotten there.

  4. Don’t pressure yourself so much chick…it took me a whole year to feel “at home” when we moved house 2 years ago. Don’t forget you are in a totally new enviroment and in a new country too! I quite admire you for doing something so adventurous. It must be a pretty eye opening experience. What a great education for kiddies too. You make sure you get that massage girl…its the very least you deserve – you owe it to yourself!


    i have my first massage planned for Thursday! and I’m gonna enjoy it! it’s so hard for me to figure out when you cross from enough time to too much time. i always short change!

  5. Dang it monica, I knew not being a mom would bite me big time someday. (grin)

    I wonder if I’m the only husband out here that feels weird whenever his wife starts talking about getting a massage. Kind of makes me feel inadequate or something. I mean, what am I? Chopped liver? And yes, my wife is talking about getting a massage. Don’t rub it in. Sorry, couldn’t resist. (grin)

    rub it in – ha ha. my husband had a thai massage, he’s totally against another. of course, I’ve never been to one like he went to. he had to strip down to his skivvies – that’s a little personal, if you ask me.

  6. Did I ever blog about my massage in Belarus? WOW! That was an experience.

    Year of the Mom is a wonderful idea. Mom’s definitely deserve a kudos. I can’t even manage to take care of a husband and a dog without stressing out…forget about how I’d handle it with one, two or THREE kids.

    you’d handle it wonderfully! I mean if you could manage that vet experience you’re good to go!! 😉

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