because it’s my birthday, too

and I had no posts planned for today, but hate to miss an opportunity to advertise that today is MY BIRTHDAY and it also happens to be Schumitzie’s milkmoney or not here I come’s birthday.  and seeing as how she already wrote a birthday post with link presents for everyone because it’s our her birthday I figure it’s okay to just call it my post, too.  even though she wrote it.  but I was smart enough to subscribe to her rss feed, so I think I deserve some credit.  (we share a birthday, surely we can share a post)

so, today, for your reading pleasure I present Schmutzie’s Milkmoney or Not Here I Come’s fantastically wonderful birthday post!!  think of it as my gift to you.  and it might be important to note that I haven’t checked all the links for content.  and I am fairly certain that Schmutzie falls way to the left of me, so some might be links to sites I might not have pointed you to on my own.  but what a great way to broaden our horizons!!

oh, and I can’t forget to say happy birthday to Michael – my brother, not my husband – the best womb-mate anyone could ask for!!  (that joke never gets old.)

5 thoughts on “because it’s my birthday, too

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND YOUR WOMB MATE. I always enjoyed and loved having you two around. Love, Mom

    PS see you soon

    thanks mom!! we are counting down the days!!

  2. Happy birthday a little late, but that’s just my style.

    thank you!! I take it when I can get it 😀

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