socially awkward

see, my birthday is coming.  like soon.  and supposedly I’m having a get together at a local eatery.  but I’ve only casually discussed it with one person.  or so I thought it was a casual discussion.  and now there is an expectation that I will be meeting up with friends to prove that holiday birthdays don’t suck.  but we all know they do.

I am horrible at get togethers.  really, really horrible.  I don’t know who to invite.  I don’t know how to invite.  I stress over what time should it start?  how late should it go?  who will want to come at such short notice?  what will I wear?  what if I end up sitting all alone in a restaraunt on my birthday?

so, an email has been sent.  hopefully it doesn’t sound too pathetic.  and I guess the worst that can happen is I’ll be downing sangria on my own…

8 thoughts on “socially awkward

  1. I would SO be there to celebrate your birthday…drinks and all. We would have too much fun. We could show them how to really party, don’t you think?!? Let me just win the lottery real quick in order to get my ticket and I’m there! For now, know that I am celebrating your birth here while you are celebrating there…yes, I know there is a time change….I’ll just end up celebrating longer. 🙂

    or it could be that I’ll just start earlier! 😀

  2. Let me just say that “downing sangria” and “worst that can happen” never belong in a sentence together.

    or perhaps it could be looked at as if that’s the worst that can happen it won’t be bad at all.

  3. Have a Happy Birthday. I would be there. I think last minute can be better–then pressure’s off, if I can go, I do, if not, I know they’ll understand. I hope you have fun.

    I’m socially awkward too.

    I completely agree with Glenn also. 🙂

    I know it will be fine. And I do want there to be no pressure, so maybe I’ve hit on something.

  4. Wineymomma and I would get along with Glenn! I’m sure people will show up! You are not the only person that feels like that! Believe me. I hope you have a GREAT birthday!

    thanks. it will be fun, I’m certain.

  5. Are you kidding me? You are so much fun to be with. Who would not want to come? I wish I could be there……Have a great time, so maybe don’t go to early then you won’t be sitting to long waiting by yourself or better yet find some one who you know is going and go together takes the worry of is anyone coming off…
    Love you and Happy Birthday!

    thanks Trish! it turned out to be lovely and I wasn’t alone. it was neat to look around the table and see faces of new friends!!

  6. “to prove that holiday birthdays don’t suck. but we all know they do.”
    Mine is the 20th. Nothing to look forward to the rest of the year.
    But, Happy Birthday to You. I hope your get together is LOTS of fun!

    I chose a June wedding date because of the whole nothing to look forward thing… a gift giving holiday to break up the year seemed smart 🙂

  7. Birthday and Sangria in the same sentence sounds like fun to me regardless of how many people show up! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    it was lovely, thanks!

  8. happy late birthday wish I was there we could celebrate mine early! have a sangria or two for me!

    i did have one for you… maybe this summer we’ll have a belated celebration for both of us!

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