the obligatory look at my loot post

which isn’t really obligatory at all.  but I think it looks better if it appears I’m being forced to show off my presents…

Michael is one of the best gift givers I know.  but somewhere along the way I’ve lost my gift receiving enthusiasm.  not that I don’t love to get gifts, because I do.  it just seems I’m incapable of an appropriate gift receiver reaction.  I can’t muster a sincere “ooh” or “aah” to save my life.  I haven’t always been like that, maybe only in the last 10 years or so, and I’m not exactly sure what caused the change….

anyway, this year I got a stove.  which was a Christmas requirement.  not a request.  I had to have a stove.  without it my head would start spinning or maybe i would curl up in a fetal position and rock.  it wasn’t a surprise.  I went to the store myself and picked it out.  but I was somewhat surprised that it was delivered 1/2 an hour later!


underneath the hood it has three burners.  and conveniently, the propane fits right beside it…

Michael’s impulse gift to me – these are usually something I haven’t asked for, may never have mentioned wanting or just casually mentioned, and are almost always something I love – was a Mahjong set.  from China.  you can’t get much more authentic than that.


I am slightly intimidated by it.  I’ve played plenty of solitaire Mahjong on the computer, but I’m not sure how well that will translate to real play.

from A12 I received a candy dispenser.  I think in her 12 short years of life she has noticed that some days just go better for us all when mom has a little chocolate.


and S9 gifted me with a very cute change purse.  which will come in most handy for all the baht coins I’m always digging around for at the bottom of my purse.


there were a few family gifts.  a desk top computer.  which sat right beside the tree for probably an hour and 1/2 before S9 noticed it and asked, “hey, who’s the computer for?”


and, lastly, another family gift.


table tennis, anyone?

3 thoughts on “the obligatory look at my loot post

  1. It’s going to be a little hard for Jill and me to teach you MahJhong with you being all the way around the planet like that. … Not that she and I have actually ever finished a game.

    Here’s a hint: mostly you just make fun little walls with the tiles, like you are building a two-tile-high square fence around a courtyard. Then have each person in turn look at one of the wall tiles, scrutinize it closely, then shout any single syllable you might ever have heard Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee say. While grunting emphatically in this way, slam the tile face up in the center of the board with a look of disgust. This bluff works at any level.

    now I’ve got to find some Jackie Chan & Bruce Lee movies to study…

  2. Looks like a good Christmas at your house. MahJhong does look scary. Some friends here play…I have yet to even see it in action. Maybe in the new year…

    we were gonna break it out last night, but we’re in the midst of teaching the kids to play spades… mahjong will come. my parents will be here soon, we might have to try then.

  3. What a wonderful Christmas. I love table tennis. I’m really good at it too (not), but it is fun.

    That stove is looking mighty fine. Hope you cook many yummy things in it.

    A new computer! How fun!

    it was lovely. I had no idea you could work up such a sweat playing table tennis!!

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