pressure – it’s on

lately I’ve had this question sort of niggling in my brain and last night, one of my lovely children, actually asked it out loud.  “what are you going to cook for Christmas?” and then he went on to present an entire thesis on Christmas food and how important it is.  not just important necessary.  because without it Christmas will just suck.

I’ve managed to procure a tree, decorate it, place wrapped presents under it, hang stockings and locate the stocking stuffers.  I’ve spent absolutely no time thinking about what we will be eating come Christmas day.  and now that I know appetizers are expected?  the pressure is on.

4 thoughts on “pressure – it’s on

  1. It never ends, does it? When I’m tempted to complain about how difficult it is here with all the things I still need to do, I’ll think of you and remember that I have it 10x easier–at least I can drive to the grocery store and buy what my family wants to eat–even if I don’t want to. 🙂

    I don’t think it’s every easy. plus, I just told the kids that we should sit down this afternoon and figure out what dishes are really important to them. and they all agreed Swedish meatballs!!

  2. Swedish meatballs, my favorites…a traditional Christmas dish in my family (my great grandparents came to America from Sweden). I hope you enjoy them. Now my mouth is watering.

    I realize as I’m typing this out, it is Christmas Eve evening for you…almost Christmas. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas my friend. May the peace of Christ be with you now and always. LYLAS, Kristi

    you’re a day ahead… it’s Christmas Eve eve. but, thanks very much. the sentiment is greatly appreciated and definitely reciprocated.

    so, got a good Swedish meatball recipe?

  3. Hope you enjoy your swedish meatballs! We will have traditional dishes but all I have to do is dessert!

    it should be very interesting! enjoy your Christmas.

  4. You should follow our example and start a new out! There’s always a chinese restaurant open on Christmas day here and that’s what we have for lunch every year. We very rarely have anyone here for Christmas besides Kevin’s brother and I would much rather play with the kids’ new toys/wii games than cook. One year I decided to cook and the kids totally revolted on me. Merry Christmas!

    eating out is just about what everyone does here on Christmas. But I’m not sure we will be able to get in anywhere. We didn’t make reservations. We could go have Thai food, but I’m afraid the kids would balk.

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