it’s a start


decorated the tree.  found the camera.  proof that A1112 had no reason to be concerned about not being able to put ornaments on the tree.  the real worry is that we can’t put very many ornaments on the tree.  luckily,  this just happens to be all the ornaments we have.  and all of them, except the elephant, were made by ladies from the Northern Tribes here in Thailand.


our stockings were also made by tribal ladies.  well, not the names.  I did the names.


I still have the nativity left to put out.  but I have no table to display it on.  I’m trying to fix that problem.

our decorations will be staying up until after my parents get here.  figure that gives us plenty of time to enjoy them.

and, yes, I do know I’ve now shown my children’s names.  oh, well.

4 thoughts on “it’s a start

  1. Looking totally festive. I adore those little decorations.

    thanks hay! I was so glad to find the decorations. and at a fair trade shop!

  2. It’s looking very beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in your new home. Great tree. You are one determined woman…kuddos to you for creating a festive atmosphere…and finding the camera. 🙂

    thanks mom24! the camera was in the car. I’m hoping we have a great Christmas. and that your family does, too.

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