things to do. and a grammar update.

still more unpacking to do.   plenty of unpacking.  and storage to shop for.  never can have enough storage.

right now I’m taking a bit of a breather at the coffee shop – drinking a very pretty coffee.  no picture to show – the camera is still missing.  then I’m off to find a Christmas palm tree.  I have purchased lights, hung stockings and other various decorations, wrapped the presents I’ve found – I think that’s pretty good progress.  I have another hour or so until the stores actually open.  there is no 24 hour Walmart here.  and I have to get home in time for my Thai lesson.  or, rather, in time to clear a spot for my Thai tutor and I to sit…


because I know curious minds are wondering just what it is I’m doing with my capitalization and comma quandry…

I’ve decided to capitalize almost all proper nouns.  the first word of a sentence may or may not be capitalized as it may or may not be a proper noun.  and I’ll throw a comma in almost every time I feel 100% confident it’s called for.  or try to.

2 thoughts on “things to do. and a grammar update.

  1. Good luck with it all. It seems to me you’ve accomplished an incredible amount. Hope the camera turns up soon.

    I can’t imagine having no storage. We have precious little, but when I’m tempted to complain I’ll think of you.

    it’s amazing how much storage one needs… I’m pretty confident the camera will show. I just haven’t put a great effort into hunting it down.

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