because I have to

since I made a commitment and all I’m posting today.  we’re almost completely moved into our new house.  and when I say completely what I mean is all of our stuff is out of the old and in the new.  not unpacked.  we won’t be unpacked for a little bit.  the old house had built in storage.  the new one has none.  so we must acquire some book shelves and closet type things.  the internet is set up, but won’t be up and running for 24-48 hours.  we’ve misplaced our cameras.  and I’ve missed some great photo ops.  some that are probably never to be seen again.

one would have been a photo of our mâe bâan and her husband transporting the queen size mattress they got from us.  they took it home themselves.  they have only one vehicle.  it’s a mordtersai. and i’ve got no picture.

another would have been the trucks loaded down with all most of our stuff.  i didn’t get a picture, but lillian has a pretty accurate depiction posted on her blog.

2 thoughts on “because I have to

  1. And I thought loaded Ladas were great! I would have loved to see that mattress on the mordtersai!

    I am fairly sad about the missed mordtersai pic! The amazing thing – nothing flew out of the back of the truck!!

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