S9 had another basketball game yesterday.  He plays in the youngest age division the school has – under 11.  They played against the Thai school that is located right across the street.  Their entire team shaves.  And wears deodorant.  And our tallest player’s head barely came up to the shoulder of their shortest player.

We think they must define under 11 differently than we do.

3 thoughts on “72-16

  1. I’m going to assume that s9’s team had 16? Deo? That is a plus when you are talking boys and sports right?

    yes, poor s9’s team had 16. but they didn’t give up!! and, yeah, the whole b.o. thing. it’s gross!!

  2. Maybe they consider age the way the Chinese do – by a 16 or 18 month yearly calendar.

    no matter they should have been ashamed. those boys were giants. and not ashamed to be tacky to our boys!

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