learned at the Christmas party

  1. the Brit’s sing some Christmas carols to the wrong tune.  imagine trying to sing Away In a Manger to the wrong tune.  it makes it very difficult.
  2. the Brit’s also have their very own Christmas songs.  songs I’ve never, ever heard.
  3. Thai food makes a lovely Christmas dinner.

3 thoughts on “learned at the Christmas party

  1. How do I make it snow on my blog? that is so COOL!

    i don’t know if you can on blogspot. i would think you could, they seem to be ahead of the game on the whole design thing.

  2. You are the snow princess! I would give you a button, but I can’t quite figure out how to make them….yet.

    Thai makes a good dinner any old time in my opinion.

    I am frequently thankful that we’re in Thailand. Great food everywhere!!

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